The three techniques are all part of a process known as qualification. Qualification is a very powerful tool that is often used in sales. In fact if you’ve ever worked in sales you’ll probably have heard the phrase “Qualify your prospective customers” In fact this technique is something you’re going to be using to ensure you’re only attracting the kind of girl you actually want to be with.

The more you learn about Qualification the more you’re going to realise that it is EVERYWHERE. Yet you’ve probably never stopped to notice it, but it’s something you’re going to want to understand because people “in the know” use it all the time.

In fact by the time you’re finished with the 3 elements of qualification that I’m going to be teaching you, you’re probably going to have to be holding back the women with some kind of crude stick as they’ll all be fighting to get at you, because that’s exactly how attraction works.

Ever notice how the guys who do well with girls don’t just seem to have one, it’s almost like every single girl is all over them. Even if they’re only dating one they could probably replace her pretty quickly if they wanted to. Well that’s exactly how attraction works, and that is exactly what you’re going to learn.

In fact it’s guys like that, that have prevented you from getting the results you want. Attraction is kind of like a system that helps the rich get richer. The better you are with women the better results you get and so on and so forth. It’s just like that domino effect I just mentioned.

But this is GREAT news for you. because the more you understand the psychological process behind attraction and how it’s triggered by qualification you’re going to be climbing to the top of that domino hill fast! The higher you climb the better results you’re going to be getting and the less effort you’re going to have to put in.

Sounds awesome?

That’s because it is.

Learning how to attract women whenever you want is awesome, but I’ll be honest not everyone can handle how awesome it is. In fact there have been many guys I’ve met who have asked me to help them “turn the attraction off”.

They tell me they can’t stop the girls from fighting over them. They don’t like the fact that women are constantly bugging them to break up with their current girlfriend to date them instead.

They can’t handle women desperately begging them for sex in a nightclub, it just feels dirty and wrong.

I keep telling them that they only have to say no, but to be honest some guys just can’t take the pressure.

The simple truth is learning how attraction works doesn’t mean you have to use it just to get sex with loads of different hot girls. There are many people who learn the skills of attracting women specifically so that they can start dating a girl they already know, perhaps someone that only sees you as a friend, or maybe doesn’t even seem to know you exist.

If you use the skills you learn correctly then you’re capable of generating attraction whenever you want with whomever you want.

The key to this is that YOU get to be in control rather than be the one who is controlled or at the mercy of fate.

With all this being said allow me to introduce you to the concept of Qualification.

Over the next page you’re going to learn how Qualification is an incredibly powerful tool that will greatly increase your control over your interactions with beautiful and attractive women.