Learning the psychology of attraction, or how to attract women isn’t for everyone. There are genuinely people in the world that enjoy living a life where “magic” is all around them. They believe in Santa Claus, the Easter Bunny, Peace on Earth for all and the fact that true love “just happens”.

These are the kind of people that react pretty strongly when you tell them that you are capable of altering someones behaviour with some simple psychological principles. They don’t want to hear that Santa Claus doesn’t exist, they don’t want to believe that wars happen across the world and they don’t want to believe that Love and Attraction are natural human responses that respond to strict stimuli.

They want you to believe that your life is set. You can only date the people you are supposed to be dating based on your physical attributes or status in life.

Well I don’t believe in that.

If you’ve stumbled across this page, then I think it’s fair to assume you don’t believe that either.

I’m a real life dating coach. I travel the world teaching people how to trigger and build attraction with people who they think are out of their league. Teaching truck drivers to get models, Factory workers to date actresses, teaching retail staff to date dancers.

I also specialise in helping those who are successful in life to be able to date people who actually want them as a person and don’t just want them for their money or status.

Normally people pay lots of money for this advice, or read what I write in magazines such as FHM, Askmen or Maxim when I’m asked to be a guest columnist.

Today I’m doing something different.

I want to teach you some of the more powerful stuff. Not the fluffy stuff you find in the pages of a glossy magazine. I want to teach you how to really generate attraction with women.

I want to teach this because I’m tried of all the people out there who give the generic “be confident” advice.

I meet these people all the time in my career, and to be honest they make my job difficult.
They put it into peoples heads that if they become more confident they will meet more women but they never tell them how to be more confident!

So the students end up on my doorstep and I have to explain that the easiest way to get confident is to get better with women.

It makes sense doesn’t it?

What better way to be more confident with women than to actually be good with them and know how to attract women?

So I’m going to teach you about a process known as qualification and 3 different ways to use it that will easily and quickly begin to generate attraction with the kind of women you want to be with, so that you can build more confidence and generate an awesome domino effect on attraction that gets you hot girls fast!