Mistake #1
Trying to buy a girl something nice or impressive. Sounds great in theory and often it’s received well initially. The problem with this is that a) You can’t really impress a girl you aren’t dating with a paid for gift. (Many other guys in her life will be doing this and she is just going to see it as a free present.) b) You can’t constantly increase the present.

How much do you spend on her today? $200? Then how much will the next gift be? And the one after? It’s a constantly increasing scale that eventually will run out, and when it does….well…I don’t need to spell out just how bad this is going to go for you. Why spend money when you can get someone to be impressed with things you’re already doing!

Mistake #2
Trying to do some big romantic gesture. You think you’re the first to take her to a romantic meal? The first to buy her roses? Probably not, so unless you want to go and remind her of the last romantic meal she had or the last guy who bought her roses you probably want to stay away from this.

If you’re going to make a gesture, you want to be certain it’s going to be well received.

Mistake #3
Trying to impress people that just aren’t worth your time. Too many people worry about impressing others when in reality the people they’re trying to impress just aren’t even worth the effort. Is it really worth trying to impress a blonde, bombshell who can’t string a sentence together, when you could be spending time on a seriously, sexy seductress who will actually challenge you intellectually and emotionally.

Take the time to impress people who are actually worth keeping in your life.

The real key to understanding how to impress a girl is understanding that you need to learn how to get people to be impressed with you for how you naturally come across.

This way whatever you do you will come across as being impressive!

I actually learnt this myself first hand!

I’m a massive geek that absolutely loves playing Dungeons and Dragons and painting the little miniatures that come with them. I had a big collection of them and would leave them on display in a cabinet for people to see, but with a psychological technique known as “Qualification” I was able to get people to be impressed with my skills as a painter rather than being judgmental of my geeky habit.

I was a pretty big player well known in the club scenes of London for having multiple relationships with a lot of the hot girls who took part in the nightlife during that time, but instead of being seen as a douchey guy who should be avoided, people were actually impressed by my exploits and wanted to learn how I went about them in fact girls would often ask if they could see me pick up and attract other girls when they went on dates with me.

From being a player to being a geek you can come across as impressive providing you handle peoples expectations correctly and use some simple psychological techniques 9That are used all around us) to ensure that you’re perceived correctly.

Don’t be a chump! Do the things that work.

Even if you’re trying to impress someone for their birthday or a special occasion it’s all about how you present the event, or gift. Some people won’t batter an eyelid at receiving a $5000 necklace yet will cry with joy when they receive a shell necklace that reminds them of a special time in the past. It’s not the shells specifically. It’s the story that accompanies them, it’s about the story they come with.

Allow me to show you the key to getting someone to always be impressed with you. I’m going to show you the technique that those “in the know” use to ensure girls are always impressed with them.

The psychological principle you want to learn is known as qualification.

Qualification breaks into 3 separate parts, and each one is an incredible tool in human interaction that can ensure any girl you talk to is impressed with you even if you’re the most average guy that ever walked the earth.